Read: Nehemiah 6:15-16
Sometimes success seems to be protracted. There are physical and spiritual battles to be fought, enemies to be routed and fears to be conquered. Yet, when the people of God put their trust in him, God proves faithful and grants them success in their endeavors. In the midst of ridicule, bitter attacks by the enemy, back-breaking work to clear the rubble and restore the wall of the city, Nehemiah and the people have finally finished the task God put on his heart. Their enemies hurled taunts that insulted their faith, but still the wall builders pressed on. Now, against all odds, the wall was completed—a monumental task accomplished by many with the help of one—God. No one could have imagined that the work could be done, much less in 52 days! It was a God moment. And even their enemies knew it!
What lessons are hidden in the fact that we are told that Nehemiah’s enemies “felt helpless”?
Re-read Nehemiah 4.14. In what ways can Nehemiah’s rallying charge to the people contribute to our success today? Pray: Lord, remind us that every victory we achieve comes from your gracious hand. Make us grateful and humble as we celebrate our successes.