Read: Nehemiah 7:70-72
Today, many people shy away from giving large sums of money to the church because they are skeptical as to how the funds are being used. In Nehemiah’s account, we see that the people joyfully gave to help pay for the rebuilding of the temple. It started off with a gift from Nehemiah himself. The people watched their leader give and pitched in to contribute as well. The idea was to make the temple a place worthy for God to dwell. If there were major donors or if some of the gifts were sacrificial, we will never know. We do know, however, that many people gave to rebuild and refurbish their place of worship. What is important is not how much they gave, but rather that it was a communal effort to do something special for God. Every gift helped. Every gift was appreciated. It took everyone’s effort to achieve the desired result.
What gift can you offer up to God? Would you give your time? Your talent? Your financial resources? How can you encourage others to give in support of the work of the church?
The people brought gifts that included gold and silver for the temple, as well as robes for the priests. What does that say about how they valued those who taught them God’s Word? What significance might it hold for us today?
In what tangible ways can you help serve in impoverished areas or cities? Pray: Lord God, bless those who impart your Word to us, and enlighten those of us who receive it.