Read: Nehemiah 9:6-7
Effervescent. Indescribable. Unadulterated. That’s praise! The people begin at the beginning— deifying God—acknowledging him as the one true God, the Creator of all God’s handiwork. They proclaim God as the source of all life. Wherever they look, God is there. His imprint is on everything. From the one-celled amoeba to the complex human body, God created it all. He arranged the stars in groups, and made laws that govern the heavens and the earth. God, the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, is worthy of all praise.
Standing in awe in the presence of God, it’s hard to contain praise. Like an overflowing dam, it breaks open, anointing those who come within range of its healing flow. In essence, the people were echoing David, the psalmist, when he said: “I will always praise the LORD. With all my heart I will praise the LORD….Honor the LORD with me! Celebrate his great name” (Psalm 34.1-3).
Why is praise a hallmark of worship? Why does the Bible put so much emphasis on it?
What is your definition of praise? Think of ways to incorporate praise in your daily life. Pray: Lord, let others see you through my worship.