“Chapter 13: Two Paths, One Way”

“Chapter 13: Two Paths, One Way”

Read: Proverbs 13

Verse 1 picks back up with the theme introduced in the first 9 chapters— a wise son listening to his father’s advice. The virtue of being teachable is repeated many times through this chapter (see verses 1, 10, and 18). A wise son has a good attitude towards advice, but a fool “does not respond to rebuke” and scoffs at his own destruction.

Notice, according to the Proverbs, that there are only two kinds of people: the righteous, wise person and the wicked fool. According to this chapter, you will know the difference by the words people use, the things they love, the way they act, and even, poetically, by their smell! (“The wicked make themselves a stench…”). It’s a pretty black-and-white view of life, and its purpose is to convince you that there is only one true, righteous way to live.

To top it off, take special note of verses 12 and 19, which are both about having your “desire fulfilled.” This fulfillment is described as a tree of life, sweetness to the soul, and an “inheritance for [your] children’s children.” This kind of life is only available to the righteous.

As you read through this chapter, use verses 1, 10, and 18 as pit stops along the way. Ask yourself how teachable you have been lately. How might you better fall in line with the way of righteousness?


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