“Chapter 15: God’s Wisdom, Your Wisdom”

“Chapter 15: God’s Wisdom, Your Wisdom”

Read: Proverbs 15

This chapter is marked by the frequent use of God’s personal covenant name: Yahweh (translated as “LORD” in English). It is repeated 9 times in this chapter, which is almost as many as the preceding 5 chapters altogether!

There’s something significant about that. In chapters 10-14 we heard a lot about morality and good behavior, but now it’s all being connected to our personal relationship with the God of the Bible. The book of Proverbs isn’t simply about being a decent person, but a person who is being changed by a relationship with Yahweh.

The major themes in this chapter include: the power of a well-chosen response (verses 1-4), the critical need for instruction (verses 5-12), the blessing of a cheerful disposition (verses 13-18), the secret of a successful path (verses 19-24), and the favor that comes to the humble heart (verses 25-33). While these are great principles, they are meaningless and empty if a relationship with God is not the motivation behind them.

As you read through these various themes, pay attention to how the author weaves devotion to Yahweh into these principles of life. What do these proverbs reveal about the Lord’s character? What strikes you most personally?


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