Go – Adopting a Country

Go – Adopting a Country

Read: Genesis 12:1, Revelation 5:9-10

Countries are different to cities. Every nation on earth has a unique calling from God to impact the world. Just as God called Abraham to come out of his country and go to a land that He would show him, Abraham knew that his destiny was linked to the country he would live in. God is looking for the worship of the nations, and you can join in with the cry of heaven.

If you look at a world map, ask the Holy Spirit to draw you to a particular continent and then country. And, then, ask Him to show you His heart and dreams for that particular nation. For example, Stonetown located in Tanzania which, incidentally, was the center of the African Slave Market in the late 1800’s. David Livingstone came through this area and his heart was broken from what he saw. He then went back to England and campaigned to send missionaries to Tanzania. Slavery was officially abolished in 1909 and today, a church stands on the very place where they were sold. It all started because one man asked what is God’s heart for freedom for that country?


  • How can we pray or go to see His Kingdom come there or in other countries where the people don’t know Jesus?
  • What were the promises given for the prosperity of that nation or the nation that is on your heart?


Now, let’s bring it closer home. What are the promises God has spoken over the country YOU are living in? How can you partner with Him in prayer and actions to see that nation worshipping Him?


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