Go – Adopting a Town or City

Go – Adopting a Town or City

Read: Psalm 127:1, Jonah 4:11

Statistics indicate that by 2050, 70% of the world’s populations will live in cities. The effect of urbanization will continue to change the face of the world and have an impact on resources, education as well as our ability to reach the nations. It’s not all bad. Cities are part of God’s end time strategy.

In a city, there is typically a wider variety of people groups in a closer geographical proximity. In a city, you find ‘ cultural tribes’.  For example, athletes, musicians, coffee drinkers and so forth.

We were made to share our lives with one another; to live in a community. If we don’t find it in our natural living environment, we will search for it through our interests. God loves cities and He has compassion on them. From the times of Jonah to now, God loves those who live in cities and we should too.  

How can you adopt a city in your heart?


  • Walk the streets of your town/city or travel to a city that is on your heart.  Explore attractions or maybe see it at night.
  • Pray at the key places of that city.
  • Bless your city – Find ways to be a blessing e.g. clean-ups, after school programs, outreach centers or serving at popular events.  Decide to speak well of the city. Finally, get to know the leaders of your city and pray for the them.
  • Develop heart of compassion for the cities of this world.



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