Go – Every Tribe & Tongue

Go – Every Tribe & Tongue

Read: Revelation 7:9-10

Picture this scene: You are standing before the throne of God in heaven and your ear starts to hear a sound like waves tumbling and crashing on the shore. You listen more intently and come to the realization that there are hundreds of different languages giving glory to God simultaneously. Your heart is soaring and you can’t hold back. You raise your voice joining in with the heavenly chorus, giving glory to God in your very own heart language. Isn’t that a glorious image?

If your heart has been stirred as you reflect over the past few days, what do you think your response could now be? Jesus engaged his hearers in active learning. He asked more questions than he answered. When the rich young ruler came to him, he left him with more questions (of heart reflection) than direct answers. Not all of us are meant to be missionaries or to go to far away places, but you can ‘go’ in a variety of ways. Consider these options below and write down your response to the question God is asking of you: “Whom will I send?” And “how will you go?”:

Your personal options:


  • Commit to be praying for either a community, city, country or continent every week. Ask God for clarity in how you should be praying.
  • Find out about the missionaries sent from your area. How can you support them better? Could it be through prayer, finances or care packages?
  • Look into short-term mission trips or community projects that you could support in some way. Better yet, start saving and get involved or go yourself.  
  • Ask the Holy Spirit to show you what you should do.



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