Read: Nehemiah 4:16-18

Nehemiah may not have been a military man, but he certainly was astute concerning the ways of the enemy. His first line of defense was always prayer. But to prayer he added common sense and action. Nehemiah knew full well that his worker-cum-soldier team could not effectively engage in warfare, but he also knew that if he did not show the enemy that he was not intimidated, they would step up their attacks, delay the re-building of the wall, and kill his people. By using half of his crew and arming the workers with armors and spears, he was able to make progress on the rebuilding project, stave off the attacks of his enemies, and foster a team-building atmosphere, one of interdependence against outside forces.

The Scripture tells us that as long as we profess God as Savior, we will encounter warfare, but it promises that God will equip us to emerge victoriously. That is why we are cautioned to put on the whole armor of God so we can stand up against the devil’s offenses (Ephesians 6.11). Like the crumbling wall, at times our own lives lie in ruins. What might once have been an impregnable fortress is now devoid of mortar. Without the enabling power of God’s Word, we are mere dust lying in a heap. It is imperative, then, that we get fully dressed for battle, paying heed to the sound of the trumpet so we will know when the reinforcement of prayer is needed.

What do you think went through the minds of the people building the wall when they had to strap weapons on? Why didn’t they quit when the enemy was attacking them while they worked?

Pray for groups in your community who may face ridicule and bias attacks. Pray: God, look out for those who are harassed by those who see themselves as far superior to everyone else. Help the oppressed and downtrodden to know that you love each of us equally.


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