Jimmy Lemon & Brandon Miller

March 17, 2019


If life isn't all that you'd hope it would have been by now, Jesus offers greater things in your life.  When you live out Jesus' simple approach to life, you'll find the hope you're missing and the purpose you were created for.

Latest Messages

Many of us struggle with the Bible because it’s hard to understand and doesn’t seem very relevant to our lives. Our speakers at C3 do their best to bring the Bible to life in simple, easy to understand language that helps us see how the Bible really can impact our lives in a positive way.


March 17, 2019
Do you feel your life hasn’t become all that you’d hope it would be by now? Maybe making a change seems overwhelming because you’re already busy and stressed out? At…
We all want to know what we need to do to be better, but maybe it’s not about doing more? Maybe it’s less about what we need to do and…
Most people in our culture have a warped view of who Jesus is. During “Not My Jesus” we are discovering who Jesus really is.
Most people in our culture have a warped view of what strength is. So, when we hear that Jesus was meek, we might think he was weak. But, meekness isn't…
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